Поколението Z / Gen Z

Gen “Z” ваканция: Свободни и без граници


Автор: Елеонора Тропанкова


Лято е, а първото нещо, за което човек се сеща при тази дума, е ваканцията. Това е най-обичаното и чакано време от годината, а за младите хора от т.нар. поколение „Z” това е времето за откривателстване.


Защо, ще научите от представителите на Поколението Z София Дренкова, Кристиян Юлзари, Диди Мавродиева, Криста Механджийска, от Румен Драганов от Института за анализи и оценки в туризма и на Дино от Словения.


Gen “Z” vacation: Free and without borders


Author: Eleonora Tropankova


It’s summer, and the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word is vacation. This is the most loved and awaited time of the year, and for young people from the so-called generation „Z“ this is the time of discovery.


26-year-old Krista from Blagoevgrad considers herself a typical representative of the „Z“ generation. She says she and her peers are adventurers. They love dynamics, change, the different.


„For me, it is very important, when we are in another country, to get to know what is typical of the respective place, what food they eat, what traditions they have. This gives me great pleasure, because apart from the physical pleasure of being in another place, you somehow enrich your knowledge and culture. We are greatly benefited by the very fact that we have computers around us. After all, computers are in our pocket, our phone is actually our computer, and we can find the information we need about the place we are looking for at any time. Perhaps it makes us appear to be more curious, more inquisitive, and more open to the world. The times in which we live perhaps urge us to be so to the world.“


Christian: “For me, standing on the beach for two weeks or less is not the way I relax. Something I really like are the kind of excursion trips where I grab my backpack and start walking from place to place. My dream is to visit as many places as possible in Europe, traveling by train, meeting new people, and getting to know new cultures. Fortunately, the EU allows us to travel unrestricted within the European community.“


According to Rumen Draganov from the Institute for Analyzes and Evaluations in Tourism, each generation has its own way of traveling and tourism. “This generation is much more of a discoverer, on a ‘where my eyes can see’ basis. They can now travel all over the world,“ adds Draganov.


And if they had to use one word to describe the way young people of the new generation vacation, they unanimously stop at freedom. Generation „Z“ also defines themselves as the new generation that pays particular attention to the protection of natural resources and a more ecological way of life. That is why many young people in Europe increasingly prefer the ecological way of moving – bicycles, scooters, electric cars, as well as rail transport. Christian is also a fan of traveling by train, not only on weekdays but also during the holiday period.



„I am one of the few young people in Bulgaria who love to travel by train and in particular the Bulgarian trains. There are many reasons for this. Of course, transport in Europe, rail transport in particular, is much better developed, much more precise, but somehow, I miss that romance of traveling by train. Not to mention that rail transport is the most ecological option, i.e. apart from the fact that you enjoy beautiful views, as there are in Bulgaria, you protect the environment, since the railway transport in Bulgaria is almost entirely electric. And apart from that, we meet fellow travelers that I call „train buddies.“


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