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Споделената икономика – нови възможности и ефективно използване на ресурсите


Автор: Йорданка Петрова


Икономиката на споделянето не е ново явление. Новото е, че все повече нейни елементи са около нас. За липсата и необходимостта от регулирането й в подкаста говори Веселин Илиев от Българската стопанска камара. За споделените пътувания и за фейсбук групата „Пътуващи Видин-София (София-Видин) разказва създателят й Мирослав Джоканов, а за това как младите хора се възползват от формите на споделена икономика в момент на социална и икономическа криза – Мирослав Людмилов от Видин, който учи и работи в София.



Sharing economy: new opportunities and efficient use of resources
Author: Yordanka Petrova


From libraries, one of the first forms of the shared economy, to modern forms such as sites and groups on social networks for buying and selling or renting, the shared economy continues to grow and enter our daily lives. Sharing economy aims to use assets and resources more efficiently, allows everyone to benefit from what they have, and emphasizes trust in relationships.


Sharing economy is not a new phenomenon. What is new is that more and more elements of a shared economy are around us. People take the opportunity to share resources in one form or another – Uber, Airbnb, car rental, social networking groups for sales and exchanges, mobile applications and others, to which they have faster and easier access.


„The development of shared economy is largely due to the lack of regulations. This makes the process appealing, but on the other hand there is a need for regulations… When society is richer, then the forms of sharing economy are smaller. Crises intensify the process, lead to more economical use of resources“, stated Veselin Iliev from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.


Transport is one of the more developed areas of shared economy in our country. An example of this is the Facebook group „Travelers Vidin – Sofia (Sofia – Vidin), which was founded several years ago by Miroslav Djokanov from Vidin. Shared travel is more environmentally friendly and has a financial effect, because it reduces costs. Another of his ideas is the development of a module for the digital platform, which offers connection for students with private teachers from all over the country.


Miroslav Lyudmilov from Vidin, who studies and works in Sofia, shares how young people are taking advantage of the forms of a shared economy in a time of social and economic crisis. According to him, the sharing of housing, travel, as well as the use of holiday platforms, have not only financial benefits, but also provide new opportunities for young people.


Society will gain more if things are shared, because people will not lose valuable resources. Sharing economy is good for the planet, because of climate change and environmental care.


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